Wednesday, March 16, 2011

St Patrick's Day Craft

Tomorrow is St. Patrick's day.  Do you have your green picked out to wear? 
I wanted to share a simple craft that we did that turned out rather cute. 
We made Tie dye Shamrocks:
Coffe Filters
Blue, yellow, and green markers
spray bottle of water or water and a paint brush
a pattern of a shamrock small enough to fit on your coffee filter.

1. Trace the shamrock onto the coffee filter
2. Then color it with the different colors.  you can put designs in it or just scribble across it with the colors.  (IF your kids do designs warn them the designs will disappear when you make the tie dye.) - Make sure to ask the kids what two colors make green?  
3. Cut out the shamrock ( It is important to do this step before using the water or you will lose your shamrock shape)
4. Spray or gently dab the water onto the shamrock, and watch the colors blend.  
5. Leave your creation to dry.  It will dry fairly fast. 

DLTK is a great site to find more fun Holiday Crafts!

1 comment:

  1. Great craft to try with my girls! Turned out very cute :)


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