Saturday, March 26, 2011

A CSN Review - Maples Clock

I was recently given the opportunity to review a product for CSN.  I chose the Maples 15" Molded Wall Clock in Black Antique
The process and delivery of the clock was, as always very fast and  on target.
I was very excited to get the box with the clock in it.  We have been wanting a clock for our little dinning room since we moved into this house.  It is nice to look over and quickly see the time on the wall.  The clock arrived and at first glance I was very happy with the clock it was a pretty look with the roman numerals and black antiqued edges.  My husband helped me get the clock hung on the wall which was also very simple.  That is when he noticed the crease in the paper.  The background where the numbers are is written on some sort of paper.  There is a crease or ripple in the paper and on close inspection that little ripple can be very aggravating.  So for that reason we are a bit disappointed with the appearance of the clock.  The paper really brings down the value of the clock when looking closely.  We do continue to use the clock as the crease is barely noticable, and for day to day use I am very pleased with the function of the clock.  I just wish I could smooth out the paper or better yet I wish the numbers were written on something a bit more sturdy then just paper.  One a scale of 1-5 I would give this product a 3 due to the quality.  
The clock keeps good time and the functionality of the clock is great.  
Disclaimer:  I was provided this clock for review purposes by CSN stores.  The company had not influence on the review of the product.  All of the thoughts in this review are my personal opinions.


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