Friday, March 18, 2011

Making Money

Ok So I am not really a pro at making money here online.  I honestly have made very little but I did want to take a moment and share a few little money making sites that I have used with you:

1. SwagBucks - Have you signed up for this yet?  You get swagbucks for searching the internet something we all do anyways right.  Then you can trade them in for prizes. They have some physical things but the thing I like is the gift cards.  450 swagbucks buys a $5.00 Amazon gift card.  Fridays are mega-swag bucks day meaning a chance for bigger bucks for the search. 

Just click on the banner above to join.  I will even get a few bucks for sending you if you go through my banner.

2. Sponsored Tweets:  This is a fun one if you have a twitter account you can send advertisements on your twitter to make a little extra cash.  I have not made a ton off of this I think because I don't have a huge amount of twitter followers, but I have made a few dollars.  My goal for this one is the reach the $50 cash out before Christmas to have a little extra to spend on presents.  When you have $50 you can cash out directly to pay pal.  
Here is the link to it- again if you sign up through my link I will make a little off of it.  

3.  I have just started social spark I have just signed up with them and have not done anything else so I am not sure how I feel about the program yet.  You are offered pay for writing posts on your blog.  Here is the link for that one.  Again sign up for if through the link and I get some sort of benefit from it. 
Set Your Price. Choose your Advertisers. Sign up for SocialSpark!

4.  Another one I have signed up for but not done alot in is My Likes.  I have signed up and liked something through twitter and earned 7 cents so I really have not explored this one yet either.  Again like the others here is the banner to click on to join, I am sure I get some sort of benefit for you joining through my link but to be honest I have no clue what it is.

Are you involved in of these types of sites?  How have they worked for you?  Which is your favorite? 
Have a great day !!! 


  1. I will sign up under your name. Swagbucks might be beneficial for me since I do a lot of internet research for my articles.

  2. Thanks for signing up under me I am sure if you do lots of searching it will not be long before you are reaping the rewards!!

  3. Stopping by from UBP11

    I actually write for Social Spark and I have liked them. The opportunities aren't as often as I would like, but the writing isn't that difficult for the posts and I have been paid well for my posts.

    Hope you will pop by my blog and visit!
    Ry @


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