Sunday, August 21, 2011

Tot School- Week 5

Tot School 
Baby Bug is 19 months old
This week we made finger paint.  I found a great non toxic easy recipe at Logan and Kalia's blog.
The only ingredients are water, flour and food coloring.  
 I started by adding some water to a little bit of flour.  I did not go by the measurements just mixed till I got it the consistence I wanted.  I put the mixture in three applesauce cups and added food coloring.
Baby bug had a ball! 
I was surprised at how well she did with this, she never once tried to eat the paint and for the most part stayed on the paper!!

We also painted with shaving cream this was a lot of fun she loved spreading this across the tub walls! 
I just added food coloring to the shaving cream.

We took another trip to the library little loves the big box of board books!! She would take one out give to me listen to a page or two then go for the next book.  I think we went through a good 15 books this way. 

To see more adventure in toddler learning check out:


  1. Shaving cream paining sounds and looks like a lot of fun- I really want to try this. Doing it in the bath is a great idea too- did the colours stain it at all?

  2. Very cute! We've yet to try that shaving cream painting but it looks like fun too!

  3. I miss having my kids home :( Now they are 9 and 11 and gone all more fingerpainting for me!

  4. How fun! I love doing crafty stuff with the kiddos. We did the shaving cream thing but it was a little different.. we did "paintings". Just swirled the food coloring around instead of mixing, and put it on paper.

  5. That is really cute! I love doing crafts with my girls!

    -Jennifer's Deals

  6. I enjoy doing fun projects like this with my nieces and nephews. Never thought about using shaving cream, but I'm sure the kids would have fun making a mess with it.

  7. Now that my Addie is 13.5 months old I think I will start trying to get things to do our own Tot School! Everything you do looks like so much fun! Thanks for all the brilliant ideas!!!

  8. I love painting with shaving cream! We used to do it when I taught preschool!


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