Sunday, August 7, 2011

Tot School - Week 3

We have finished up a new  week of Tot School. 
It was a fun week.
I made baby bug a new sensory bin.  This time we went for a water theme.
I used a roll of blue streamers rolled up into balls as the water, then added blue pom poms, squeezy from the $ tree, a dolphin eraser, a seahorse water squirter, and two boats.
She really enjoyed this bin.  After she had explored the box for a while I gave her a spoon and cup to work in some extra fine motor.  

Play-doh was fun again this week:
We also had lots of learning time while playing with our toys.  One of the favorites was the leap frog fridge magnets. 
She loves hearing the song and dances with them.  She also loves to pull them all off the fridge and scatter them around the kitchen so we had the life lesson of learning to clean up after our selves. 
Score at the home depot tonight.  We went to the home depot tonight so I stopped by the paint section to get some mickey mouse shaped paint cards.  I am not for sure what I will use them for.  There are so many possibilities.  Any one have some suggestions? 

Check out these linkys to see what other tots are up to. 


  1. Looks like a great sensory bin!! I wish we had the dollar tree here {we have a 100yen shop, bit like the dollar store- not sure it is as good though}

    The mickey mouse shaped paint cards are great- I would use them for matching to begin with. Just simple colour matching starting with 3-4 colours first- put one down and show her how to match them up.

    Later on I would add them to sticks to put in something like a parmasen cheese container or something!

  2. Really awesome blog and looking so beautiful, I love these pics.

  3. My girls love the Mickey cards. Great sensory bin. I love the rolled up streamers. I will be pinning this! Thanks from a new blogger!

  4. My children all loved the Leap Frog Alphabet fridge thing! Great sensory bin and thank you for linking up to the Sunday Showcase.


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