Saturday, August 20, 2011

New Coupon System

Coupon Organization back on track!!
Ok since I posted before about revamping my system I have put together my new simple plan.
I took a file folder box and put in some hanging files and some regular file folders.
Each Hanging file folder is a week.  Then within that file I have a folder that has the insert name and date on it.  This way when I start planning coupon trips I know exactly which folder to look in for my inserts!!

I think this system will work much better for me.  I will keep the notebook and baseball card categories for coupons that did not come in inserts. 

I am very excited to have a plan that will work for me!!  I was a little afraid I was going to have to give up the couponing fun just because I did not have the time to cut coupons each week!


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