Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Couponing adventures- Revamping my system

I have been doing more coupons for about 2 months now.  I started with a notebook where I have been cutting the coupons and storing them in baseball card holders by categories.  I must admit that I have gotten overwhelmed lately, having trouble staying on top of my coupon cutting each week.  The week that really got me behind was the last week in July where where were four different inserts in the paper- which I loved but I still have not gotten these coupons caught but and organized!!  I have decided I am going to have to go to a hanging file system.  With this system I will keep the inserts intact and just date them and file them away.  Then when planning a trip I will just cut the coupons I need.  I will keep the notebook for loose coupons or coupons that come in the mail but it will be way scaled back.  The main draw back to this plan is I will not have my coupons on hand when at the store, but to be honest I had so many in there I did not ever go digging for extras unless they were ones I had already planned and pulled out.  I still have some details to work out but I think this will be a more reasonable system for me.
How do you organize your coupons? 

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  1. I keep all my "free" coupons paper clipped together in a handy dandy pencil pouch. I keep other coupons grouped in categories for stuff I buy all the time and sub-grouped by categories like: grocery, cleaning, pantry, etc.


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