Monday, August 15, 2011

Tot School - Week 4

We had a very busy week last week so I did not do any new activites at home.  We did repeat many of the ones we had done in the previous three weeks.  We did Play-doh and our water sensory bin. 
I recieved a package that included some bubble wrap.  Baby Bug had a great time exploring that. 
  We also had some great learning field trips this week.  

We went to the library one afternoon.  Baby Bug loved their computers she charged right for them when we got their.  I love that they have kid size headphones and mice and the cutest little color coded key boards.  They had games meant for toddlers and Baby Bug loved it.  Their were games that encouraged her to move the mouse to make things happen on the screen as well as games that encouraged her to press keys on the keyboard.  
 We also checked out their Thomas the train play table and the big box of board books.  We had alot of fun their and I am planning to take her back one day this week. 

We went the lake for a swim.  This was her first big exposure of sand at first she was very unsure about it, but after a few minutes she was all about picking the sand up over her head and letting it fall down her back.  

Our last learning field trip was to the fair last night.  Our church held a service their yesterday evening so we went for that and then explored the sight and sounds all around.  They had a very neat interactive section on agriculture.   She got to play on John Deer tricycles,  jump in a big vat of biodegradable peanuts, and pet several farm animals.  We also got to walk through an area that is set up like an old town, many older building from the area have been moved on site and this was quite an adventure we saw all kinds of neat things and even bought a little dried gourd to take home with us.  It make a really good shaker I am thinking about letting baby bug paint it this week. 
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  1. I love those computers at the library! I wish we had some at our library like that!


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