Sunday, July 31, 2011

Tot School Week 2

Baby Bug is18 Months old

We had our second week of Tot School this week.  I am still doing it very loosely at random times.  I would like to work toward a more solid time of day and place in the house for our tot school time. 

This week we worked with our purple sensory box again. 

I set up a activity I have seen several places online.  I bought a Parmesan container from the dollar tree and  gave this to baby bug along with some uncooked spaghetti noodles
I showed her how to put the noodles in the container through the holes and then let her go to town.  At first she did them one by one but then wanted to pick up several at a time and try to shove them in I stayed back and let her explore and eventually she figured out that they were not going in this way and scaled back to trying to put in just a few at a time.  

I was amazed how these naturly lead to that little pinch what  great prewriting practice!

I also set up a little sort activity with green and pink pom poms the idea was to put the green in one cup and the pick in the other.  This was the first time I have ever introduced sorting to her and she did not really get the sorting, but we were about to practice colors and did sort together.  I also added in a spoon after a while to work on scooping skills.  She really enjoyed making a mess with the pom poms by throwing them everywhere instead of scooping or sorting them. 

It was a another fun start into our school time.  The week also included many book and alot of play times with her toys where I purposed to make it educational.  Adding vocabulary and concepts into our play. 

You can see other tot's getting their school work done at:
No time for flash cards

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  1. We've had LOTS of throwing of pompoms! Seems to be a tot favorite!


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