Monday, July 11, 2011

My Couponing Trip

Went coupon shopping today!! 
I got my best deals at Walgreens and Target

Here is what I got at Walgreens:
 Total out of Pocket: 10.23
Total Savings: 42.32
I was planning four transactions but they did not have any of the Walgreens razors left - that was suppose to be part of the third transaction.  I combined the rest of that one and the fourth one this did raise my out of pocket a bit bummer, but it all worked out.  It also made my math a little off when I got ready to pay the fourth bill so I had to grab the M&M' 's to make up the difference.   The bubbles were at filelr at $1, the gloves were a filler on sale for .59 cents.

Here was my plan:
Trans. 1
Teething gel $5
-1Q +5 rr
Gum toothbrush or floss $2 +$2 rr
Total: $6.00
OOP - $6
RR = $7

Trans. 2
Dove Deal
2 mens, washes, 2 mens' deo
4/ $15 - b1g1 (-3.75) -$2 -$2
Total: $7.25
(need a filler)
Use 7RR
OOP = .25 + 1 filelr cost
RR= $5

Trans. 3
Noxzema Shavers B1G1 starting at $2.99 - moved this over to tranc. !!
Use 2 -2 Q = free up to (cost of $4.00 each originally)
Walgreen's Women's razor $3.99 +3.99 rr - they did not have this
Charmin 6 pack $2.99 - without the razor I changed my mind and did not buy this either.
(told there is a -1 q on product= $1.99)
Total:$5 or 6
Use $5 RR
Total 0 or $1 if no tp coupon
RR = 3.99

Trans. 4
$7.99 Air wick
-4 Q +3 RR
(need Filler)
Use RR. 3.99
OOP just for filler

I told you in this post this morning about some good deals at target, I did stop by to get those. Ended up paying .21 in taxes :)  for all four of the things.

I also got some great deals at Krogers doing the mega buy ten get $5.oo coupled with coupons!! I did not take a picture of these items they are already unloaded into the fridge and pantry :) 

Happy couponing all!!


  1. Thank you for linking up on the Monday Monkey Blog Hop!

    I'm now following you, hope to see you again next week


  2. Did you get the tape free? If so how?

    Jennifer from SM

  3. I did get the tape for free check out my previous post- for the web address to the coupon.

  4. Your newest GFC follower from Monday Monkey Hop!

    Bri @ Ramblings of a Southern Mama

  5. Great deals! Following you from the Link Up Good Friends Hop and hoping you can return the love. You can find me at Yankee Texan Mom or Mama's Money Tree


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