Monday, July 25, 2011

Tot School Week 1

Baby Bug is 18 months old.

Baby bug is at a great age for learning.  She is picking up new things left and right.  I want to expose her to as much as possible.  So this week we started some some Tot school activities.  I must admit I am just beginning.  This week we just got our toes wet, but the baby bug and I both enjoyed the experiences we had.

I made her a purple sensory bin.

These are the items that went in the sensory bin for our color purple.  Pom pom's, ball, spoon, baby links, purple index cards with the word purple written on them, and a purple bucket. 
I dyed some rice purple for the base and added the things to a shoebox size box.  Baby bug played with the bin on the kitchen floor on top of an old sheet.  After we played it was easy to gather the rice to the center of the sheet then scoop back into the bin. 

She really enjoyed the bin.  She spent most of the time when she had free play scooping the rice with her hand or spoon and putting it in the little bucket.  During of play time together we talked about the color purple, picked the pom-poms out and put them in the bucket, and poured them back into the bin.  

We played with play-doh for the first time this week.  She loved it!! 
I found some old cookie cutters and made shapes for her.  Her favorite activity was to tear little pieces off and put them in the cup.  She also tried to scoop the pieces with the spoon.  I was worried when I bought the play dough that she was want to eat it, she put it towards her mouth we said no no and that was it she did not even attempt to eat it again!!

We also did a bit of coloring with some highlighters. 
It was a fun start to our tot school time. 

You can take a peak of some other tot's school at:


  1. Thanks for sharing. I really enjoyed watching what you did. I just started Tot School 2 weeks ago with my 19 month old. So it will be nice to see what you are doing to start too. It is slightly overwhelming but we are having a great time too :)

  2. I love the purple rice idea! Never thought of that!!
    now following you on gfc
    visiting from pitch it to me~lower alexa ranking. Hope you can stop by

  3. awesome job! I need to do that for my kids!

  4. I miss teaching the young child, my DD is 14 now! I remembering people saying "Time Flies" and now I believe it.

    Your purple sensory bin is fun, bright, and inviting looking.

    Glad you are enjoying homeschooling.


    My Attempt at Blogging

  5. What fun activities! I am so glad you stopped by and shared it with us on The Sunday Showcase


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