Monday, July 25, 2011

Couponing Trip

I am home from my couponing trip.  It was a fast trip, I just went to Walgreens and CVS.  I did get some great deals at these two stores!! 

From Walgreens: 
2 Irish springs deodorants
2 packs of pony tail holders ( this was perfect timing I needed some more of these.)
2 candy bars 
and a box of crayola crayons
total spent: $3.04
$5 RR for my next trip :) 
Total Saved: 17.05
I am thinking about making another trip if I am out shopping this week to pick up more crayons and ponytail holders

From CVS:
1 bottle of VO5 Shampoo and 1bottle of conditioner ( the kiosk gave me a $2 of two hair products coupon making these free)
2 packs of 8 razors
2 bottles of shaving cream
2 packs of ivory soap
1 pack of pens 
Total spent: $6. 60 
$10 ECB for next week
Total saved: $26.97

Whole Trip total spent: 9.64
Total Saved: $44.02
What a fun trip!!

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