Saturday, July 10, 2010

A trip to the mall

     Yesterday I took Babybug to the mall.  I took her to get her pictures done at Sears.  I had a coupon for a package of pictures in one pose for $4.99.  And guess what I actually got out of there only buying that one package.  I have decided I would rather take her more often and spend less each visit.  For this visit I dressed her up in a dress my grandmother made for her it is such a pretty dress all in white with matching drawers and a bonnet. 
     Anyways I had some time both before and after the photo before I had to be anywhere so we did a little mall hanging.  When I first got there it was lunch time so I circled through the food court trying to choose what I wanted to eat.  I have always thought food courts were really neat how you have so many choices.  It is fun when you are with a group for each person to get to choose their own place to eat, but be able to stay together too.  I love seeing all the different places, but it always so hard to choose one. The all American burger joint pointing out their specials and calling out,  "you want my special today!!"  The Mexican place smelling so yummy with their tacos and salsa.  Subway looking as healthy as ever, and the cookie shop urging me to skip lunch all together and just eat a cookie.  Yesterday I landed at the Chinese place were I ate yummy honey chicken, noodles and fried potatoes.  I thought it was funny that the menu was for a meat, noodles and a veggie.  When I asked what the veggie choices were he pointed to a fried veggie egg roll or fried potatoes such healthy veggies right. :)
     After lunch I still had about 45 min to waste before our photo appointment.  I landed in Carters.  They have some of the cutest baby clothes ever!! I love how comfy their clothes seem to be. As I was browsing through the clearance I spotted a friend from work who happened to have a baby on the same day as Babybug was born.  We call them birthday twins.  It is always so fun to see her and laugh and play with each other's babies.  
     After that it was time for photos Babybug did a great job smiling and we got some cute shots.  It was hard to choose just one but I resisted and only went for the best shot.  
     At that point Babybug was getting hungry I hate having to nurse in public but more than that I hate the thought of nursing in a nasty bathroom so I made myself comfy in a chair at the edge of Macy's and got of the nursing blanket.  This gave me a great chance to people watch and where better to do that then the Mall.  First thing I noticed were the old men in the chairs outside of the stores half asleep.  They were there only to drive the wife and possibly hoping to keep her spending in check :).  These men seem to have made an art out of mall shopping.  some with their heads back against the edge of the chair mouth open lost to the world.  Other perfecting the head tilted forward technique.  Next there was the much less nursing momma, she was alot braver then I with her shirt whipped up and the baby stuck on,  I have not hit that level of nursing comfort but I must admitt she looked alot more comfortable then I did not having to keep an eye on her nursing blanket to make sure the edges did not slip or get pulled off by baby, not having to worry about her baby being hot under a blanket in the middle of July!  The last group of interesting people to watch was the why are you weraing that crowd?  I am admittly out of touch with the current styles.  Not sure if I want to be in touch with either, but it is so interesting to see the many styles at the mall.  From the girls with dresses short enough to be shirts, I just kept wondering how they could bend over to pick up and dropped item or get in a car without exposing their pretty Victoria Secrets.  There were the older couple in matching wind breakers from the eighties.  The lady with 6 inch hoop earrings - don't those hurt your ears?   And so many other wardrobe choices that make me go huh?  
      It was a fun trip I enjoyed browsing the stores and getting a great shot of babybug at the studio.  Sorry portrait lady that I did not spend more!!! 
Thanks for reading my mall ramblings!!! 


  1. I kept thinking Babybug was going to ruin the all-white outfit...that's probably what the Shark would have done :) I hope to one day be the older couple dressed in 80's matching windbreakers. I just have to get hubby to start wearing 80's clothes with me. Good luck to me :)

    Congrats on winning the Thudgear! Every once in a while does pick that last-minute entry! I'm glad it was you :)

    Ten Talents

  2. Sounds like a very fund day. I have never been able to get away with only buying the special package. Thanks for coming by my blog, . I am always looking for new blogs to chekc out.


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