Friday, July 23, 2010

CSN - American Plastic Toys Toy Organizer - Review

     Ever since babybug was born I have had trouble with organizing all her things.  There are the diapering supplies, the bath supplies, the bottles, the clothes, and all those toys!!!  When CSN contacted me to do a review I started searching through the children's section and quickly knew I wanted to find a product to help organize all her toys.  They have many great options for organizing lots of children's shelves and toy boxes.  I quickly zeroed in on the American Plastic Toys Toy Organizer

  American Plastic Toys Toy Organizer - 12200

I really liked having both the big storage at the bottom and the small buckets on top.  I put in my order and my package arrived within a few days.  I was very pleased with the speedy service. 
I opened the box to find to find many pieces to put together and a simple instruction sheet.  It does require two tools: a screw drives and scissors.  I was able to put this together by myself but it did take quiet a bit of time as there are many screws to put in.  I learned the hard way that the blue pieces do have a front side and back so make sure to line these up properly before screwing them together.  After about half an hour of work the organizer was put together and I was able to put all the toys away in it. 

I was able to fit all of babybug's small rattles and toys in the buckets, and most of her larger toys fit in the bottom section.   I really like that the top buckets are removable so I can bring down a whole bucket of toys down to the living room to play with at a time.  I also like the fact we will be able to use this product for many years to come.  I am sure one day the rattles will be replaced with barbies and blocks.  I can easily see this organizer accommodating big kid toys very nicely. 

To buy:  This is a very useful organizer and I could see it working for many different ages.I defiantly recommend this product to anyone who needs organization help in their children's rooms.
Not to buy: I can find very little reasons to not buy this organizer.  The only negative I saw was the fact it took a bit of effort to put together but I feel it was worth the work!!

If you have not checked CSN stores out what are you waiting for?  They have a large variety of items to choose from, great prices, and wonderful service.

Disclaimer: CSN stores sent the organizer for review purposes only.  This review has not been monetarily compensated and the opinions and views are mine and have not been influenced by the sponsor in any way.

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