Friday, July 9, 2010

Friday at last!

Hello everyone!!  Happy Friday.  

     I won some books from the Giveaway Lady. They arrived yesterday.  They were a three novel trilogy by Delia Parr.  I have just started book one in the Candlewood Trilogy, A Hearth in Candlewood.  I can already tell this is going to be a good Series.  I am very excited to see what adventures lie ahead for the main character Emma.  I can already tell this widow is a lot of fun.  I think I am quickly becoming a hooked Delia Parr fan.

    I am taking Babybug to Sears to get some pictures.  I know I just had pictures made, but I got this coupon for a portrait pack for $4.99 so I am planning to take Babybug and get a good picture of her in the dress her Great Grandma (Nonnie)  made for her.  I am hoping to get a good shot out of it.  And will be working very hard not to spend extras on today's shoot just to get that basic package. 

Has anyone used Youdata before.  I saw this over at Staying Learn in Oakland and am thinking about trying it.  What has been your experience with it?  I would love to get paid for watching ads. 

I will be having a surgery Monday and have been trying to get everything in order here at the house so I can return to a cleanish house.  I have been using a new method as I clean.  I take 2 baskets and a trash bag with me to the room.  Everything that goes somewhere else in the house goes in one basket everything yardsale in another and everything trash of course in the trash bag.  I think it really cut down on my cleaning time not to go back and forth all over the house several times putting things away.  I found this way of cleaning on Flylady.  She has a whole system for cleaning, it's pretty neat.  

I hope everyone has a great summer day today!! Enjoy that sunshine.  But I must admit I am hoping for a bit of rain for the garden's sake. 

Happy hopping!


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