Monday, July 5, 2010

MailBox Monday

Here is a look in my mailbox
Giveaway wins:
 1. Greeting Cards from PIA - Won from The Tuckers Take Tennessee
(these are so pretty if you need some unique cards check her work out!!)
2.Item picked from a gift card to Maiden America From Saving Obession
 - I got two reusable shopping bags and a hair bow
3.Bounty paper towels from sam's club
4. Home water test kit

5. Lifeway savings
6. gerber coupons ( not pictured)

What was in your Mailbox?
Go to a frugal friend to be nosy and see other people mail for the week!


  1. You did quite well this week. Happy MM!

  2. Love those cards! So cute :) You got some good stuff!

    Twitter parties are really easy to participate in, especially if you use or because then you don't have to manually type in the hashtag each time you tweet. You find out when a party is taking place (I've got lots listed on the calendar on my site), and then you "show up" for the party by tweeting with the hashtag they are using for that party. For example, last week rayovac had a great party with about 8 $50 Target gift card prizes plus lots of batteries for the summer prize packs. You tweeted to answer the questions they were answering and put the hashtag #rayovac at the end of the tweet (u find out what questions they are answering by following the host -- in this case it was @5minutesformom and @rayovac), and then they randomly picked some of the answers and those ppl won $50 gift cards, batteries, etc. It's a little hard to explain...I'd be happy to help you during a party. If you're going to try to "go" to one, let me know and if I can be there to help you, I'll be happy to :)

    Ten Talents (

  3. i really need to try those parties !

  4. Is that a Nature's Own FREE bread coupon I see?!

    Happy Mailbox Monday!

  5. No I did not get a bread coupon this week. That sounds like a good one!!

  6. I love it when I win giveaways... Congrats

    Happy Mail Box Monday

  7. Happy Mailbox Monday! Oh, I got cards in the mail too this week....don't you love free stationery? :-)

  8. Great giveaway wins! You had a good week

    Happy tuesday

  9. Love winning those gift cards - so much fun to choose what you win! Have a great week!


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