Saturday, July 31, 2010

Fast food eating tips for health and savings

I know we all know fast food is well, less then healthy.  But life is busy and we all have those times when we need to eat a fast meal on the go here are some tips for saving money and eating well at fast food restaurants.
  1. Coupons - it seems I am always getting fastfood coupons in the mail or newspaper.  Save a few dollars by planning ahead and taking some coupons with you. 
  2. To eat a healthier fast food meal plan ahead look up the menu on line ahead of time to see the nutrition guide.  Some times that chicken sandwich is not healthier than the burger.    ( few you are doing Weigh Watchers Dotties weight loss zone is a great website to check out for points on tons of places to eat at.)  If you have not planned ahead you can always ask for a nutrition guide at the restaurant to help make wiser choices.
  3. Don't forget to ask for ketchup if you are going through the drive through.  Sometimes they will automatically add it but most of the time they won't. 
  4. Always check the bag before driving home if you are not eating there.  There is nothing worse then getting home to find you did not get the food you paid for.  
  5. Look into kid meals - if  there is not age limit on the kids meal this is often a way to save money and eat more appropriate portions.  If you are trying to eat healthy do not say super size it!!! 
  6. When thinking about doing a combo do the math and see if you are really saving money.  Could you order the items separately and get a smaller drink or fries and save money?
  7. Always do the math and make sure the cashiers rang things up at the advertised price.  Cashiers are humans to and do mess up at times - if you do need a price double checked please talk for the cashier nicely!! 
  8. Thinking on the thrifty side of things if the cup is plastic save it and reuse it, those cups make great drinking cups, watering cups for watering your plants, bath/pool toys.  sand toys, pencil holders - etc.  and the nice thing about them is if you do reuse them and they get gross you will not feel bad tossing them.
  9. Don't throw away unused ketchup and napkins - save them they are great for in the car or when you run out of ketchup at home.
  10. Share a combo a lot of times DH and I will share a combo and just add an extra sandwich.  That saves us a lot of money over time!!


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