Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Happy Wednesday Everyone!!!

I found a great site for finding low entry giveaways
She puts up a list of giveaways each day that have low entries I believe her cut off is 100 or less.
It really is a nice resource to finding giveaways.

I went to yard sales Saturday.  I did not find a lot but I did find what will probably be Baby Bug's Easter Dress for next year. 
I think it is darling!! And I snagged it for $2 dollars.
It is a sleeveless dress with little pink bows and flowers around the neckline then the jacket has those sweet little pleats with bows at the top and a white collar with pretty pink flowers on it.  I am in love with it!! Since the dress is sleeveless and it has the jacket it will work however the weather chooses to be on Easter.  

I have started doing some of my regular shopping at the dollar store.  I think I am saving money both in the prices and the fact that their are not so many products to tempt me into buying them as their would be at the bigger stores.  

I won another giveaway:  I won a copy of The Glassblower by Laurie Eakes.  From the Giveaway Lady
I cannot wait for it to arrive I am always looking for a good read!! 

Are you swagbucking ?  If not it is time to jump aboard one of the easiest ways to earn free stuff!! 
Just by searching something most of us already do!
Search & Win

I hope everyone has a great Wednesday!! 


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