Saturday, June 12, 2010

Saturday Morning

Good Morning all you bloggers!!
Are you having a good Saturday morning? Who has big plans for this weekend? We do not my plan is to enjoy a peaceful day about the house. I just finished some basic house work the dishes are done the table straightened and the livingroom pick up. I have been tring to do these basic each morning while baby bug takes her morning nap. I remind myself that I am maintaining my hard cleaning efforts so that things can stay nice longer.
Cleaning Tip of the day: When washing bibs go ahead and latch the velcro back together this will keep the velcro from attaching itself to all your other clothing and creating a big clothes wad in the washer or dryer.
My vegtable garden is growing nicely but I must admit it is in need of some attention I have just let everything go crazy, so I may devote some time today to weeding the garden and such.
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