Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Happy Tuesday everyone!!
Today is a cleaning day for me!!

Cleaning tip of the day: Save your dryer sheets and reuse them to clean the shower/Tub.
They work great at picking up the soap scum and also I find they are great for quick swipes to get the hair and grime up.

After I finish my cleaning I am headed to JCPenny's, I got a coupon for $10 off a purchase of ten or more so I cann't let free money go to waste!!
I have gotten several of these in the mail from Penny's and Kohls, I get so excited to see these in my mailbox I hope they keep coming!!

I started Weight watchers again yesterday. before baby bug I had lost alot of weight on it just by eating right and exercising. Well it is time to return to the world of eating right instead of eating enough to feed a family of six and blaming it on nursing.

A great site for anyone who is also doing weight watchers is Dottie's Weight loss Zone
This is a great site that lists the point values for tons of restaurants. I used this alot last time before we would go out I would plan my meals.
Another great resource for anyone wanting to do weight watchers is Health Discovery
I visit their forum frequently it really is a great place to find support and accountability.

So my daily point target is 36 it is high becouse I am nursing and that is still my main priorirty is to be eating enough to take care of baby bug, when I wean her I will have to go down to 26 points a day.

I bought a new notebook this weekend at Walmart to write down my daily food in. It is amazing how having to write it down keeps me from pigging out!!

Well I am off to clean again I hope everyone is having a wonderful day!!

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  1. I have never heard to use dryer sheets to clean soap scum. Thanks for the tip!



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