Monday, June 21, 2010

MailBox Monday

Ok, I decided I was going to participate in MailBox Mondays, my mailbox had very little in it this week just three little samples and a whole lot of bills.
What I got:
1. A pedometer and coupons from Nature's Bounty
2. a Purex complete 3 in 1 sample
3 Child Safe tattoos - cool little tattoo where you can write your phone number on your kids before big crowded events.

That was it for my mailbox Go to a frugal friend to see other peoples great mailbox finds.

Oh and check out my giveaway of 250 Labels maybe they could show up in your mailbox in the near future!!


  1. The tattoos are so interesting!

    Happy Mailbox Monday!

  2. We all have weeks like this - I love the purex samples...they are awesome! :

  3. Cute blanket! Hello! I am now following you from MOnday Madness :) via fb, twitter and google! I'd love for you to follow me too. Check out the great giveaways while you are there!
    @loveandcents on Twitter
    Living on Love and Cents on Facebook

  4. opps sorry I can't find you on twitter and fb....

  5. Used my pedometer today and racked up 8,133 steps on the track.

  6. Happy Mailbox Monday! Those tattoos sound great!

    Lauren @


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