Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thursdays are great!!

Happy Thursday everyone!!

I hope everyone is having a great day.
Baby bug and I have had kind of a slow moving day we woke up and lazed around the house a bit enjoyed some books and a slow start to this hot hot hot Thursday.  We did run some errands and as always everyone we met stopped to admire the cutest little girl ever!!

I spent some time in my garden, we made the mistake of not getting the wire things for the tomatoes to grow on and they are all over the place and since the are on the ground a lovely little bunny has been helping himself to my tomatoes!! So I did my best to get them tied up and off the ground.  I did pick my first piece of produce from the garden the other night it is a banana pepper isn't it pretty?  

I also took some time to pick a few of the flowers we have around the house to make a little bouquet for the table. 
I know they are not the prettiest ever but I like having the little extra cheer on the table.
I got my gift card to Eagle America from the blog-  A Concord Carpenter Comments.  This is a neat blog for all those carpenter, handy type people out there!! He shows some really neat projects.  
I cannot wait to spend this on one of the handymen in my life!

It is not to late to sign up for my giveaway with digital room.  You can win 250 Labels/ Stickers.  I cannot wait to see who wins, i wonder how they will use this labels.  

Get a Nivea sample here
Thanks Shelley for the head's up!! 

I hope everyone has a great rest of the day!! Enjoy the lovely summer weather. 


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