Monday, June 21, 2010

Monday A start to a new week

Happy Monday Ladies and Gentleman!!

I hope everyone had a good Father's day yesterday, and had time to reflect on our Heavenly Father that loves us all so much!! 
We had a nice Father's day here.  Woke up opened father's day presents - babybug gave her daddy a life jacket and a framed picture of her that said Dad your the best.  Then it was off to church,  we came home and daddy spent some time fiddling in his garage something he loves to do.  We went to his grandma's house for dinner then it was off to see Marmaduke at the theater.  Our church has been doing family fun nights each Sunday in June they have been having events for the whole family.  Last night they booked two showings of Marmaduke at the theater it was a very enjoyable time and so much fun for us to watch.

While we were out and about my best friend stopped by on their way through town and left the sweetest gift ever for babybug it was a taggie blanket, with her name stitched in one corner.  Babybug loves it she plays with all the different ribbons and has tried all the taggies out to find which one tastes the best.  The blanket itself is made out of that Minky dot material.  I am thinking to make one of these blankies for a friend who is expecting we will have to see if mine can come out as nice as babybug's new blankie.  

Well looks like it will be mainly a cleaning day.  I have a few errands to do later on today but for the most part we are just here at home cleaning! :)

Have you entered my 250 sticker label giveaway yet it has very low entries :)

Here is another social blog hop type group - check it out
The Tuckers Take Tennessee

Everyone have a great and productive Monday!!


  1. New follower from Monday Madness!

  2. Such a cute blanket! Love it!

    Thanks for the follow, I am following you back.

  3. that blanket is so cute and it sounds like you guys have a perfect father's day!!


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