Sunday, February 6, 2011

Hops and Such for the Week of Feb. 6- 12

Happy Hopping!!  
If you are new to the blog welcome!!I am so excited to meet ya :)

This week I have been thinking about adding some buttons.  I have no clue how to make a button so I need to find someone to design my buttons.  I would love to trade advertisement on the site for buttons, does anyone like to make them and wanna work something out just let me know.

Check out the current Helping hands linky - here This is a fun new way to lend and receive a helping hand here around the blog world. I really hope you like this concept as much as I do.

Don't forget to enter our newest giveaway for some cute little paknaks!!

Check out the newest giveaway linky - Here 
Feel free to add your giveaways, I add a new linky each Tuesday. 
Hope you have a great week!!

I hope your week is filled with joy!


  1. Hi Tori- new follower on this snowy sunday in Colorado. Would love a follow back. laura

  2. Hi I'm a new follower. Would love the follow back.

    Sandie lee

  3. Hi! New follower, please follow back.

  4. Hello! I'm a new follower. Would love for you to follow back

  5. Lots going on this week! Need extra hours in the day. Thanks for contributing. Sandra

  6. Thanks for joining Good Friends Just Click. I'm GFC following

  7. Checking out the Good Friends hop!
    Tales From the Nursery

  8. Thanks for participating in the blog hop! New follower! I have lots of great giveaways ending Thursday! :)

  9. Here is a link to how to make your own button. I just did this a few weeks ago and it was super easy!

  10. Hi! I am thrilled to have found your site, new follower! Stop by my blog to follow back! Thanks so much!

  11. I am brand spanking new here and it's nice to meet you too :). I love the blog. In from Friday Hops. Hope you have a great weekend.



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