Saturday, February 26, 2011

Advertising your giveaways tips day 1

There are many great ways to advertise your giveaway and many sites and blogs to help you. 

One I always get alot of traffic from is Sweep Tight if you put her button on your blog she will feature your giveaway on her blog she will also post it on her facebook and twitter - check it out here. 

Another great site that will post low entry giveaways is Tight wad in utah 
She has an ongoing list of giveaways that have low entries as well as posting daily with giveaways that are ending that day.  I always see lots of traffic coming from her direction on the last day of my giveaways.

If it is a homemade giveaway then a great place to try and get it posted is on By hand giveaways.  I have not done alot of handmade so I am not sure what kind of traffic this one will drive in.  

Another one that lists giveaways is BlogGiveaways

I have noticed that places where they post about the giveaway seem to drive in more traffic then giveaway linkys so I try to always enter my giveaways that these places.  
Where do you enter your giveaways? 


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