Thursday, February 24, 2011

Frugal tip of the day- and a ruined dinner

The crock pot is an excellent way to save money in the kitchen!! 
Yesterday on our meal plan was crock pot steak and potatoes.  You can really save money and still eat well when using the crock pot when cooking meat in the crock pot you can choose the cheaper, tougher meats because the crock pot keeps the moisture in so well.
Yesterday I woke up a few minutes early put in my three steaks smeared on some steak sauce, threw in some potatoes and carrots and added another layer of sauce.  I turned the crock pot on low and went to work.  All day I looked forward to a yummy steak dinner with no cooking when I got home.  Only to come home and discover I did not plug in the crock pot!  Oh was so upset that I did this!! We went from eating like kings to scavenging through the leftovers. 
Oh well lesson learned take a few extra seconds to check that the crock pot is plugged in next time!! 


  1. Trust me you're not the first person to do this...

  2. Oh my, I can just see that happen to me. I am scared to leave it on, when I am not there.


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