Saturday, December 4, 2010

CSN Review

I know you have heard me talk about CSN several times before.  I have worked with them on two other reviews.  One was for a toy bin and the other for a workout DVD.  I have been very impressed with CSN each time I have worked with them.  They have a very wide array of products and each of my orders have arrived very quickly.

I most recently been given a chance to review a wall mount.  We received the:
AVF Orbital CRT TV Wall Mount for 19-27" TV's with 2 VCR/DVD holders
My husband was the one in charge of mounting the TV and he did a very good job.  It did take a good amount of time to put up but was not very difficult for him.  I have a feeling I would have taken much longer!  We have been very pleased with this product.  It is very convenient to have the TV up and out of the way.  We put it in our bedroom and I have enjoyed watching movies from the bed with the TV at just the right angle.  The mount comes with all the pieces to get a secure fit to the wall.  I worried when we ordered it that it would be wobbly or might fall off, but it fits very securely and I have no concerns about it falling off the wall.  The only thing that did concern us was the way the DVD and VCR attachments are hung to the TV mount seems a bit loose but the DVD player has done fine in it and we have had no difficulties from it.  This is a great buy if you are in the market for a TV mount I highly recommend this one.
Disclaimer: CSN stores sent the TV mount for review purposes free of charge.  This review has not been monetarily compensated and the opinions and views are mine and have not been influenced by the sponsor in any way.



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