Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tips for entering Giveaways

Who doesn't love free stuff delivered right to your door? 
I discovered giveaways early in the year while I was home with baby bug when she was doing all that not sleeping in the middle of the night.  It was developed into a fun little hobby. 
I would like to share a little of what I have learned put there with my fellow bloggers incase any of you are new to giveaways 
1. Make sure when commenting to leave the contest holder a way to get ahold of you.  I always just leave an email address for them.
2. Check your email address you give out for giveaways at lease daily.  Most giveaway hosts will give a winner 48 hrs to respond but some only allow for 24. 
3. Do the extra entries - those entries really add up.  The two fastest that many contests have are Google Friend Connect and twitter.  For a long time I did not have a twitter account and boy was I missing out on many chances to win
4. Look out for entry ways that gain multiple entries, many of the blog giveaways depend on number of comments for the way they assign a winner so they will ask you to write a comment for each of the entries to go with a task. 
5.  Look for low entry contests.  Some of my favorite places to look are - Tightwad in Utah and Ten Talents both of these provide regular list of contests that still have low entries. 
6. Get in those daily tweets if their is something you really want do the daily tweets they really add up your odds.
7.  When you are wanting to find giveaways of a certain kind at find a twitter search a good way to look
8.  Just looking to enter some giveaways check out all the giveaway linkys that are floating around the blog world there are plenty of giveaways to enter.  

Happy Entering I hope these tips are useful for you!! 

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