Thursday, December 30, 2010


Hello Everyone!!  Happy Thursday.  Don't you just hate how fast Christmas ends?  It starts slowly and the season is great and it all leads up to such fun on Christmas, just to pop really fast and your left with a messy house, Christmas decorations and not more Christmas music.  I hate that after feeling!!  Today will be a day of cleaning, putting the decorations up and moving on.  I have been putting off some phone calls as well so I will be making those too.  What a blah kind of day!!
Have a good day everyone, I hope yours is more exciting then mine!! 

Now to put off that cleaning and such for a while with a little blog hoppin'


  1. I am happy to be following you now, I have a new blog! Hope you check it out! (following you as The Pilot's Wife)

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  2. Thanks for the follow. I am following back. Have a great day!


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