Thursday, January 27, 2011

Helping Hands Linky 3

It is time for us to share a bit of love and help each other out!! 
The helping hands linky
This is a linky of helping each other.  You put in a request of something you want done such as someone entering your giveaway, following your on twitter, facebook, or some other blogging need.  Then you full fill the requests of the three people before you on the linky.  This way we can all reach out and help each other.  When starting a new linky I will add the last three requests off of the old linky so those requests can still be met.  Please do not add your request to the linky unless you plan to meet the needs of the three people in front of you.  Also I know at times you may not be able to meet their requests such as when it is a giveaway entry and you have alerady entered please find some other little way to help them out!  
I used to participate in a linky similar to this one over at Ten Talents she used to run a linky called This for That which had the same type of theme of helping each other. 
Here are some sample entries:  
* Please follow me on twitter - (Linked to your twitter account)
*Please enter my giveaway (linked to the giveaway)
*please follow me on facebook ( linked to facebook fan page)
Etc. Etc. Etc. 


List your need in the linky and fullfill the needs of the three people above you in the linky
Do not list more then one need in a row as you would be one of the three people under you who would be there to fullfill your request.  But after three more people have put in requests it would be fine to add another request.

* Please Note only list one thing at a time so that there will be people under you to help you and so that the people above you can have three different people to try and help them out. 

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  1. HELP ME PLEASE- I'm brand new to this and am trying to create a blog but I'm creating a mess. I cannot figure out how to add all the blogs I love, how to upload pics, and how to get involved ( on the lasy day I've been trying since it started the Ultimate blog giveaway etc..) I know I am not eligible for prizes I just don't want to miss opportunity to meet others that are I already read and all the fantastic ladies that are out there whom I'd love to meet!!
    Where do I find my URL ??? YES - that's how bad I am lol


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