Saturday, January 29, 2011

Five tips to an economical Birthday Party

Babybug just turned one a few week ago.  I wanted to share a few tips on making a fun but expensive party I learned in the planning stages with you.

1. Make your own cake - You can find those boxed mixes for less then a dollar and canned icing is fairly cheap as well.  Use a little food coloring to turn white icing into any color you want.  We used a dollar tiara as our decoration.
2. The dollar store is your friend - We bought a lot of our decorations and paper goods at the Dollar Tree you cannot beat $1.  We also bought table clothes there I think this really helped add a festive feel to have the colorful table clothes on all the tables.
3. Make you own decorations.  I used the cricut to make decorations for the mantle and highchair.  These turned out really cute.

4.  Reuse- I had alot of decorations from other events that I reused this saved us alot of cost too.  I put aside decorations from this birthday bash to use next year as well.  

5. Don't forget about holiday clearance.  If you can think ahead about your theme and such you can often shop that 75% off clearance after holidays to find favors for the party.  BabyBug wore a pink tutu outfit that I bought on sale after halloween it was suppose to be a ballerina costume.  She looked darling in it.

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