Friday, March 30, 2012

Free Bottle of Kids DHA Omega 3 Gummies

These gummies from pure matters are completely free no shipping and you do not have to enter a credit card number. Hurry only free for the first 1,000!
Thanks SaveySisters for sharing this great freebie!!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

CD review and giveaway - I am Happy

CD Review 
I am Happy by Sukey Mo0lloy

About the CD:
 With a focus on age-appropriate material that encourages participation, Sukey Molly's music is just right for the youngest listeners.  Many of the songs on I am Happy! stimulate play activities with props, and all the songs feature imagery and lively, meaningful lyrics that capture the attention of young listeners. 

My Thoughts: 
We loved this CD!  Loved, loved, loved this CD.  I put it on in the car as we were running errands, our favorite way to review CD's.  Baby bug immediately started singing along.   We have several CD's and baby bug loves music but I have never seen her get so involved so fast with songs.  The songs have an easy going easy to sing along feel to them.  The words are simple and sung in such a way to make them easy for children to join in.  The songs are very educational covering many areas, numbers, body parts, feelings, and animals just to name a few things covered on the CD.  My favorite song is the counting song in this song Sukey counts 1-10 in several languages, what great exposure for baby bug!!
Check out all the great products Sukey carries.  I am excited to see she has some DVD I think she would create one great circle time.

Want to hear some good news?  One Learning to be Thrifty Reader will win a copy of the I am Happy CD.  Use the Rafflecopter Widget below to enter.  Must be a resident of US or Canada to Enter.

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Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this CD for review purposes.  All opinions in this post are mine and are not influenced by the company. 

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Tot School- Letter D

This week I found a cute foam sticker bunny activity in the dollar spot at Target.  It made a cute little bunny.  This was a great chance to work on positional words.  I handed baby bug each piece and pointed to where to put it.  I was mindful to use words like on top, under, beside etc.  I was impressed at how well she followed directions and think her bunny came out cute.  I labeled the picture with her name and the word Bunny.  We have talked alot about what letter Bunny starts with as we look at it together.  
 Our D worksheets came from 1+1+1=1's website  and homschool Creations. She loved the dot page, I wrote a D on each dot and she added a smiley face sticker to each dot as we said D over and over.  We continue to add finished work to her notebook as look back at the pages regularly it has become a great way to review the concepts we have worked on.  I think she is pretty proud of her work as well.
 I made some homemade flour based finger paint and painted our D.  I cut out the dolphins to glue on but she lost interest in it before we did that so I just put them away. 
 I used a sharpie and drew a c on a piece of old cardboard and we painted that with our flour paint as well and reviewed letter c. 
We had a fun project this week as we mailed eggs to our cousins.  At first as we were putting them together baby bug wanted all the things we were putting in them.  I kept telling her these are for (insert cousin's name here).  By the time we were done she was so excited that these were for her cousins.  It was a good lesson in sharing and doing for others.  The trip to the post office was great as well thanks to a very nice post man that talked a lot to baby bug about the packages.  

We went to circle time at the library this continues to be a great experience for baby bug building on social skills as well as building a love for books.  After circle time we took a picnic lunch to the park what fun!!  We have had some wonderful summery weather these last few weeks.  It was a fun week.

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CD Review- Can't Wait by Grenadilla

About the group and CD:
There are few happier kinds of music on earth than kwela,
the irresistibly upbeat indigenous South African style marked by joyful, lively rhythms and birdlike
pennywhistles. And Grenadilla (pronounced “gren-a-dill-a”, the South African name for passion fruit)
captures those sounds beautifully on their second CD, Can’t Wait.
Grenadilla is music for kids and their families, layered voices with Kwela flavored rhythms,
a touch of Cape Town jive and a hint of the blues.

In addition to Debbie (who’s worked with Robbie Dupree, Orleans’s John Hall, Dog on Fleas among
others) on lead vocal, piano and pennywhistle, Grenadilla’s members include Jodi Palinkas and Leah
Glennon on vocals and pennywhistle, Annemarie Callan, Brittany Sacash and Natasha Williams on
vocals, with co-producer Dean Jones on trombone, pennywhistle, melodica, organ, guitar, balafon and
features guest musicians Nick Buda (drums, percussion), Jaf Farkas (bass), Jack Ryon (saxophones), Ken
McGloin (guitar, bass) and Ruby Gunn (guest vocal).

My Thoughts:
This cd is a good easy listening CD.  We listened to it as we were running errands throughout this week ans really enjoyed it.  Baby Bug is a big music fan, between songs she will clap and say "yeah Music,"  she did this between each song on the CD this week.  I must admit that one song has an instrument that sounds a little like screeching tires and that song just happened to be playing while I was turning right at a traffic light I was just sure someone was about to have an accident.  I felt so goofy when I realized it was only the CD!  I really liked the layed back happy feel of this CD it would be a great selection to add to your collection of music.
You can find out more about Grenadilla at their website

Disclaimer:  I did receive a copy of this CD for review purposes all opinions in this post are my own and are not influenced by the company. 

Friday, March 23, 2012

Mailing an Easter Egg

I am very excited about my latest pinterest find: Mailing Easter Eggs
I knew this was just what I was looking for for my nieces and nephew.  I started with some larger eggs.  I bought the larger pop rocks eggs, and filled them up with goodies.  Then used a sharpie address them.  Secured the opening with packing tape and they are ready for the mailbox.  What fun!  I would have loved to get an egg in the mail when I was little.  Who am I kidding even as a grown up I would think this was the coolest thing ever to hit my mail box.  I hope my nieces and nephew think these are cool too! 
I can not wait to see what the mail man thinks when I take these to the post to mail this afternoon. 

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Hairspray really does take ink out of clothes!

Two days ago baby bug got a hold of a red ink pen, she decorated her arms, face and her dress!  It was a new dress and I was really sure that it was stained for good.  I had heard that hair spray got ink out of clothes but I have never tried it and was not so sure that is would truly get it out.

 I went digging through the bathroom closet and found some hairspray.  I put it on and watched the red ink start to lighten up.  It was kinda cool to watch it turned bright pink.  With a quick rinse the ink was completely gone!   One thing to note this only works in the hairspray has alcohol in it.  That is the secret ingredient that takes the ink out.  I have a feeling rubbing alcohol would take the ink out too! 

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Label Daddy Giveaway

I love having labels for baby bug's things.  It makes life so much easier to know, yes that is her cup or her bag.  Having worked nursery at church I can tell you well labeled bottles and cups are a must.  There is nothing worse then having 7 cups and not knowing which child goes with which cup.  
Label Daddy has you covered in the label department.  
They have: Bag tags, extra small, small, medium, and large labels, mini and regular size shoe labels, and more!!
They have just announced a new set of icons for their labels - MLB Logos!!
I can see these making a lot of baseball fans very happy.
I have a good friend who loves the St. Louis Cardinals I could not help but think of her as I was looking at the different logo options.
These would make great baby shower gifts for those avid baseball fan parents.

Want to hear some good news?  Label Daddy is offering one Learning to be Thrifty reader a chance to win a $60 code to make their own MLB icon labels!
Please use the rafflecopter widget below to enter the giveaway.

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Disclaimer: I was not given monetary compensation for this giveaway, I will however receive labels in the future to do a review.  All opinions in this post are my own and are not influenced by the company.  

Tropical Traditions- Coconut Oil Review and giveaway

We have made an effort in our kitchen to start using healthier food products.  This is one reason I was thrilled for a chance to review tropical tradition's coconut oil. I like that coconut oil is heat stable making it a good cooking oil!!
I was very curious what it would smell like.  Would it smell like coconut?  Yes it does!  It smells so so good.  So then I started to wonder would it taste good in the veggies I was about to stir fry?  Or would it be too sweet?  It tasted great!  It add just a little bit of sweet but was not overwhelming it was very yummy!

Check out this video to see some of the different ways to cook with coconut oil
 Or check out this page from tropical traditions to find out lots of ways to use coconut oil. 

 Just yesterday I found a pin on pinterest for a recipe using coconut oil and baking soda to be used to get sticker residue off of items.  I cannot wait to give that one a try!!

Wanna hear some good news?  Tropical Traditions is giving one Learning to be Thrifty reader a chance to try coconut oil as well.  Please use the following rafflecopter widget to enter for a chance to win some tropical traditions coconut oil.  

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Disclosure:  I did receive coconut oil for review purposes.  All opinions in this post are my own and are not influenced by the company. 

Monday, March 19, 2012

The adventures of TinTin - Movie Review

About the Movie:
From Academy Award®-winning filmmakers Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson comes the epic adventures of Tintin.  Racing to uncover the secrets of a sunken ship that may hold a vast fortune — but also an ancient curse — Tintin and his loyal dog Snowy embark on an action-packed journey around the world that critics are calling “fun for the whole family.” (ABC-TV Chicago)

 My Thoughts:
I did not know a lot of TinTin when I was given the opportunity to review this movie.  I Knew he started as a comic strip and that he had a dog as a sidekick.  That was really as far as my TinTin knowledge went.  I did know this sounded like a good family movie.  I was right this was a great family movie!  We were blown away by how real the animation was, I think both my husband and I spent the first part of the movie just in awww of the lifelike quality of the animation.  The story was very entertaining. 
I loved snowy the dog how a fun dog!  We all enjoyed the action, every moment there was a new twist or turn.  This is a movie I could see us watching over and over.  I am excited to have this in our movie collection the next time we have a niece of nephew over I know they will enjoy this movie.  It is rated PG for adventure action violence, some drunkenness, and brief smoking.  Even with the scenes I still see it as a good family movie.  The end of the movie left room for a sequel, and I hope to see a second to the TinTin adventures!
Disclosure: I did receive a copy of this movie for review purposes.  However the opinions in this post are my own and are not influenced by the company. 

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Product update- Munchie Mug

About a year and a half ago I reviewed the Munchie Mug at the time baby bug was just starting to eat snacks like Cheerios and while I knew the cup would come in handy I had no idea how much we would come to love this cup!!  We often go out on family adventures on bikes or boats.  It is so nice to be able to hand baby bug a snack and know that she will be able to eat it without spilling it all over the place!!  In the bike trailer I can not hand her the snack one piece at a time so the cup has been a great way to give her a snack!! Back a Christmas I bought her a cheaper version I found at the store.  The little edges on it scratched her hands, I am thankful for the cloth top on her munchie mug!  This is one of those products I have become more fond of over time a must have for all toddlers!!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Friday, March 16, 2012

Tot School- Letter C and more

This week has been a fun Tot School adventure.  
We have done alot of hands on learning outside in the garden as we weed and turn the soil.  I am only hoping I can keep her from weeding our new veggies when we plant them!  
We also went to circle time at the library, this is something we do most weeks it is a good chance for baby bug to play with other children and be exposed to new books and songs.  
We did some worksheets from 1+1+1=1.  We did some of the C for caterpillar pages from the animal abc's.

  We worked on the letter C, tracing the straight line, shapes, counting to 20 and reviewed letter B.  I am not stressing over any of these skills rather just exposing her to the concepts.  She loves sitting 
 down at the table and doing her "work" 
As we were doing her shapes pages she pointed out the star, the heart, and the crescent; which she called moon.  Then she pointed to the triangle and said pizza.  I thought that was just too cute!!

We also did a repeat of a fun activity.  We painted the bathtub.  This is so much fun!  
This is such a fun activity and the clean up is a so easy just rinse the walls of the tub and your done!

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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Walgreens 2 Free 8x10 prints

Walgreens has two separate free 8x10 codes right now!! 
I think you will have to do two separate order to use both!!  
So exciting I love getting free pictures of baby bug!
Use the pick up in store option to get these completely free!!

Jeanne Lottie Handbag Giveaway

Have you seen the cute Handbag from Jeanne Lottie
They have several bags that I think are adorable.  
I love how she has her bags separated into four categories.  Glam, color, utility, and neutral; I being the thrifty one that I am like the utility bags best they all look so useful!!! 
The Cross Shoulder Bag is my favorite.  I love a bag that can hold lots and still look stylish.  I feel this may be that bag. Review of this bag is coming soon!!
Wanna here some good news??  One Learning to be Thrifty Reader will win this bag.  
Enter with the Rafflecopter Widget below.  Giveaway ends 3/29/2010

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Disclaimer: I have not been compensated for this giveaway. I will be given a handbag after the giveaway for review purposes. All thoughts and opinions in this are mine and are not influenced by the company.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Yogurt Bites - Pinterest Yumminess!!

I love all the creative things you can find on pinterest!  Today I tried out one of my finds: Yogurt Bites
I bought baby bug a little different yogurt then usual last week it was yo-toddler a brand we have had before but this variety included cereal and baby bug did not like it, I think it was the texture she did not like.  Well I did not want to waste it so I new this was the perfect time to test out this easy idea!  I used a ziplock bag with a slit in the corner to make little dots on wax paper stuck it in the freezer and a little while later had a yummy cold treat that baby bug loved.  I have to admit I enjoyed them too.  I made a second batch for tomorrow as well!  
I am linking up to the penny pinching Linky

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Easter Link Up

Easter is quickly approaching.  It is on 
April 8, 2012
Link up all your great crafts, recipes, anything Easter Related!! 

Monday, March 12, 2012

Saint Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's day is Saturday (March 17) Do you have any fun plans? Have you picked out your green clothes? I just wanted to share a post from last year with a fun craft for tie-dies shamrocks. These are so easy just needing green markers, a spray bottle and coffee filters.   Such an easy fun craft!!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Book Review- Sister's of the Quilt

Sister's of the Quilt 
Written by: Cindy Woodsmall

From the back of the book:
Can Hannah find refuge, redemption, and a fresh beginning after her world is shattered?

When the Heart Cries
Her life among her Amish community brutally interrupted, seventeen-year-old Hannah Lapp faces questions neither family, nor fiancĂ©, nor even faith can easily answer. The first book in the Sisters of the Quilt series, When the Heart Cries will ignite a broader understanding of others’ beliefs and a God-given strength to deal with pain we all experience.

When the Morning Comes
Rejected by those she loves, Hannah Lapp leaves her Amish community and seeks refuge in the world outside, leaving her family and friends to wrestle with the painful truths that emerge in the wake of her disappearance. As she struggles to find her place in the confusing Englischer world, her community deals with the turbulent aftermath of her departure.

When the Soul Mends
Hoping to help her sister, Hannah Lapp reluctantly returns to the Old Order Amish community she fled in disgrace more than two years earlier. When hidden truths are revealed about her former fiancé, she must choose whether to return to the Plain life or to the Englischer man who adores her in this captivating conclusion to the Sisters of the Quilt series.

This three-in-one collection includes the entirety of the best-selling Sisters of the Quilt trilogy now at a new low price! 
My Thoughts:
This book was a good read.  Admittedly it was not my favorite.  The book hits some tough issues, while very well written and very realistic the emotions are still very sad.  This is in no way a happy go lucky read but it is real life and the three books in this trilogy showcase some great characters that really grow through the story.  I enjoyed watching Hannah's independence and self worth grow.  These three stories would not make good read alone books, in my opinion, they are to intertwined and  I feel they would have been confusing if not read together, also the end of the first and second story both kind of leave you hanging their is no good resolution to the stories till the third book.  Also I must say that I did not fall as in love with the characters in this book as I have some of Cindy WoodSmall's other book- such as The Christmas Singing   and The Harvest of Grace.   While they are great characters and I enjoyed seeing them grow and change through out the three stories I did not feel that close bond, that you feel with characters when you step into their world in a novel.  
Overall I give this Book 3 out of 5 Stars
Disclaimer:  I did receive a free copy of the Sister's of the Quilt Book for review purposes only.  All thoughts and opinions in this post are my own.

PrintRunner Giveaway

PrintRunner's Online Printing Services cover a wide variety of services. 
Notebooks, Magnets, Hangtags, Notecards, and so much more. 
Here is what the company says about themselves: was established with little more than a small press and a dream. Ten years later our company became one of the foremost quality printers in Southern California. Our commitment to provide the best value and high quality full color printing at affordable price made our company grow.  PrintRunner is a full service high quality printing company located in Chatsworth, California.
One thing I think is really neat that they carry is Print Stickers, this is what our giveaway today is for.  There is so much you can do with these the possibilities are endless.  You could make book tags for your books, promote your business with them,  I could see a lot of options for these in a classroom.  Your creativity is really the only limitation here!!

       a. Details of the giveaway prize: Stickers
                       Sticker Shape :Standard Stickers
                       Flat Width : 2"
                       Flat Height : 3.5"
                       Quantity : 250
                       Paper : Premium Sticker Stock
                       Colors : Full Color ( 4 Color Process), Black and White
                       Proof  :NONE
                       Ready to Ship In  :  3 Business Days
               *Giveaway is open to US Residents only, ages 18 years old and above.

Giveaway will run now until March 10, 2011 Enter by using the Rafflecopter widget.  
Disclaimer: Thank you to PrintRunner for providing us this giveaway, I will receive a set of stickers for hosting this 

a Rafflecopter giveaway
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