Friday, March 16, 2012

Tot School- Letter C and more

This week has been a fun Tot School adventure.  
We have done alot of hands on learning outside in the garden as we weed and turn the soil.  I am only hoping I can keep her from weeding our new veggies when we plant them!  
We also went to circle time at the library, this is something we do most weeks it is a good chance for baby bug to play with other children and be exposed to new books and songs.  
We did some worksheets from 1+1+1=1.  We did some of the C for caterpillar pages from the animal abc's.

  We worked on the letter C, tracing the straight line, shapes, counting to 20 and reviewed letter B.  I am not stressing over any of these skills rather just exposing her to the concepts.  She loves sitting 
 down at the table and doing her "work" 
As we were doing her shapes pages she pointed out the star, the heart, and the crescent; which she called moon.  Then she pointed to the triangle and said pizza.  I thought that was just too cute!!

We also did a repeat of a fun activity.  We painted the bathtub.  This is so much fun!  
This is such a fun activity and the clean up is a so easy just rinse the walls of the tub and your done!

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  1. Oh, it looks like you both had a fun time working on these fun educational projects. When my daughter was home with my, I pretty much did the same thing until she went to kindergarten. Great job!

  2. I loved reading your lesson plan. I'm sure she enjoys learning in the way your present her lessons to her.

  3. I think your point of exposing your little one to the concepts is excellent. Also, your painting the bathtub idea is AWESOME! I'm totally trying that with my boys!

  4. We used to do the painting the bath tub activity all the time. It was so much fun!

  5. Never heard of "Bathtub paint" before - how creative!

  6. Lol...we are totally painting our tub tonight!


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