Thursday, March 22, 2012

Hairspray really does take ink out of clothes!

Two days ago baby bug got a hold of a red ink pen, she decorated her arms, face and her dress!  It was a new dress and I was really sure that it was stained for good.  I had heard that hair spray got ink out of clothes but I have never tried it and was not so sure that is would truly get it out.

 I went digging through the bathroom closet and found some hairspray.  I put it on and watched the red ink start to lighten up.  It was kinda cool to watch it turned bright pink.  With a quick rinse the ink was completely gone!   One thing to note this only works in the hairspray has alcohol in it.  That is the secret ingredient that takes the ink out.  I have a feeling rubbing alcohol would take the ink out too! 


  1. Great tip! I will try this. We have four that love to write on anything they can get their hands on including their clothing.

  2. This is a great trick (I hear people call these sorts of things "life-hacks" these days). I'd never heard of this. I'll have to try it next opportunity.

  3. sometimes it makes you wonder how we got all these fancy high tech products when the old reliable ones still work.
    Hair Spray has saved me so many times.

  4. I had no idea! thanks for the great tip!!

  5. I use hair spray on ink stains my husband gets on his dress shirts. It really does work!


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