Thursday, February 9, 2012

Tot School - A fun day!

Baby Bug and I had a fun day.  
We went to the library this morning for story time.  
She loves story time, The mommies sit in a circle and some kids sit still in mommy's laps others walk around jump dance etc.  Baby bug has always stayed very close to me.  Last time we were there she would walk a few steps in front of me then walk backwards all the way back to me, over and over I could tell she wanted to dance and play like the other kids but she just wasn't sure.  This week she built up the nerve to join in the fun, she did not go really far but she danced and sang with the other little ones.  I really like how our librarian leads circle time, we always start with the same song then have two or three new activities then the groups favorite song wiggle your fingers, then we end with the parachute.  The structure really helps the little ones to know what to expect.  

After circle time we enjoyed the kids computers, the Thomas the train play table and the big box of board books.  Baby bug could stay at the library all day I don't think she would ever get tired of the fun!! 

This afternoon we came home for some valentines fun.  We used some new Mickey Mouse valentines stickers.  Then I pulled out the valentines heart crayons I made last   year we had fun coloring with them.  After that I pulled out some pink play dough and a heart cookie cutter.  I was reminded of how good play dough is for young development.  We made shapes, talked about the color pink, I spelled out her name with it.  Not to mention all the fine motor and exploration as she plays with it. 


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