Friday, February 3, 2012

Tot School - Fine Motor practice

Baby Bug loves her crafts and she is really getting lots of great fine motor practice as she plays.  
I have a plastic container that I keep all her crafty things in.  She has crayons, coloring books, stickers, and bingo dot daubers in it.  It is great to have it all in one handy place and it helps me to pull it out more often to know everything I need to let her explore is tucked into one little box. 

Allowing your toddler art time does not have to be costly.  Lately I have been letting Baby Bug do her art work in her coloring books.  Tonight she did all her work in a coloring book we got free at Publix.  
We used bingo daubers my sister got her at dollar tree, stickers and crayons.  She had a fun time creating and working her little hand muscles.  

Sticker Tip: If your toddler struggles to get the stickers off the sticker page peel the edges off leaving only the stickers to work from.  As long as your child does not get frustrated peeling her own stickers off rather then you handing them to her one at a time let her it strengthens fine motor skills and requires focus.
The bingo daubers are so much fun!! 


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