Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Review- Costumes Wholesale Costume Club

Every Little girl needs to have a large collection of dress up clothes!  I love seeing small ones enjoying a good time of dress up!  I love when little girl's dress up like mommies, princesses, or even cute little bunny rabbits and get a good workout for their imaginations.  
I was very excited when given the opportunity to review a dress up outfit for baby bug.  I spent a longtime looking at all the costumes for toddlers over at wholesale costume Club.
They have such a fun wide selection of costumes.  I had the hardest time choosing one, did we want to be Minnie mouse, super girl, pooh bear, a cute little animal or a classic princess.  

I ended up choosing a princess costume.  We went for a Disney classic, a princess Aurora costume.  Boy were we excited when it arrived.  I think I may have been more excited then baby bug!  The costume arrived and I was very happy to pull out a pink sparkly princess dress The dressed is accented with gold trimming and lots of gold glitter. The dress is a Disney costume and has a cute little aurora pendent on the front of it.  We have been very pleased with the costume.  Baby bug has brought it to me several times to put on her since we got it last week and has even tried to put it on herself a few times, which is a site to behold, she is able to pull it put around her waist and wear it like a tutu.  I love watching baby bug dance around in this costume I can tell it makes her feel special.  This is one that we will be playing with often.
  Disclaimer:  I was given a free costume for review purposes only the opinions in this post are mine and where not influenced by the company. 


  1. That is the cutest little princess costume. I'm not sure which movie Aurora is in. My favorite princess is Raphunzel from Tangled.

  2. Cute, you can't go wrong with a Princess costume!

  3. What a cute costume. My daughter loves all things princess!

  4. my daughter was so into the princesses when she was little. I love encouraging dress up play!

  5. my daughter was so into the princesses when she was little. I love encouraging dress up play!

  6. I really love this costume! It is super cute! I know that my youngest would LOVE it!!


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