Thursday, November 17, 2011

Five Tips to Getting Great Portraits of Children

One challenge that the Christmas season brings is the getting that great Christmas Picture.  Whether getting a shot of the whole family, or just the children portrait sessions can be stressful when the kids are involved.  These tips can make the process a little more relaxing.

1. Scheduling- picking a good time for the kids can make or break a portrait session.  You want to schedule the pictures at a time with the child will be awake, well fed and happy.  Avoid nap times and meal times, kids can be very unhappy when sleepy or hungry.  Unhappy children mean no smiles!!

2.  Relax!  If you get tense about getting a good picture your kids will sense it and be less likely to warm up and give you natural expressions. So sit back and enjoy the session and know a great picture will come. 

3.  Be aware of you child/children's moods.  If your children are getting stressed give them a break get their minds off of poses and smiles, this will help them last longer through scene and pose changes.  If you don't watch for their signals your session may end way earlier then you are ready. 

4.  Be goofy,  don't be afraid to be a big ole' goof ball if that is what is needed to make the kiddos smile.  The public embarrassment will be worth it when the pictures come back.

5.  Be prepared for wardrobe needs.  Pack a bag with essentials in it: safety pins, hair spray, Extra pony tails and bobby pins,  With young children think about putting clothes on when you get to your picture shoot location to avoid wrinkles or stains on the clothing.  

These Christmas pictures will be something you look back and enjoy for years! 


  1. I love your tips! I have two small children and I have been begging my hubby for us to take a family picture for Christmas! I have had BAD times before with the kiddos but other times have been great!
    I will def. remember these tips!

  2. Great tips! I can take pictures alllllll day long of trees, skies, etc but when it comes to kids, I fail miserably!!

  3. Your tips are spot on! Thank you for sharing them :)

  4. Number 5 is the one I always forget and wish I wouldn't have when we get there. These are great and thank you for the reminders.


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