Saturday, November 26, 2011

Black Friday Finds at aCVS and Walgreens

I did not do alot of Black Friday shopping these last few days but I did have to make CVS and Walgreen's trips to get the great EBC and RR deals!! 

First let's see the fun from CVS - 

I could have done more transactions and saved more money but I am happy with my final outcomes!! 
I spent $22.14 out of pocket total today and have $16.43in ECB!!
 They had a ton off Free items after ECB and even a few that were profit after coupons.  I truly could have kept going and going, but I stopped I had to get home and get some sweet potatoes made for lunch!! 
I got tooth paste, tooth brushes, dental floss picks, candy, chap sticks, batteries, ear buds, hair gel, dishwasher cleaner tabs, Advil PM, Listerine strips, Tissues, and hot wheels!! 

Everything was an ECB deal except the hot wheels and they were on sell for 50 cents each!!  All and all it was a fun trip and very easy everything worked out great!

Next came Walgreens
Out of pocket: $12.53  Total RR-$11
I got more toothpaste, and tooth brushes, hair ponytails, razors, Revlon lipstick, paper towels, more Advil PM, carmex lotion , and dental floss picks.  
Walgreens was a little more of a bother, the line a little longer, things not ringing up but all and all it was a good trip.  

I had fun on this little trips and love that I have RR and ECB to both of these stores to either use on next week's deals or to gather a few of the presents I still need to get!!  Did you get out to fight the crowds?  What where your favorite deals?


  1. Awesome deals! I should have hit those places instead of what I did. ;)

  2. Fantastic haul! You are so savvy on maximizing the bargains!

  3. It looks like you found some great deals! I have several friends that hit up the pharmacies for black friday, too. Most of the other stores have their deals online, so why deal with the crowds?!

  4. Here in Canada many stores were having Black Friday sales too because I'm in a border city and they didn't want to lose shoppers to the states. We got DSi's for our girls!

  5. They had some good deals on Black Friday!


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