Thursday, November 3, 2011

Coupon deals for the week:

Well this week was not a big coupon adventure for me but I did get a few great deals!! 
This is toothpaste week at Walgreeens!!  They had both Crest and Colgate on the sales for free to cheap after register rewards!!  I was disappointed that my Walgreens was out of the pro-health Crest!! But I did score some cheap cheap cheap Colgate!!  
Also with cold season I was glad to see the Ricola for free after Register Rewards!!
Oh and I got some 50 cent dawn as well at Walgreens!! 


  1. Great deals, thanks for sharing! I like the Crest Pro Health best myself, too.

  2. I love finding great deals on toothpaste. I rarely buy toothpaste unless I get it for free or very cheap!

  3. RIIIICCCOOOOLLLLAAA! I love that commercial. Good deals are great!


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