Saturday, November 13, 2010

Lefty's Review and discount code

     There is nothing worse then living in world that is not made for you.  That is how many lefties feel.  How do I know?  Well because I am a lefty.  There are many things that are made for the right handed person that we just don't think about - scissors, guitars, spiral notebooks, kitchen knives, mugs. There are many things that I have struggled to learn in life for right handed teachers - writing, knitting, and slicing potatoes to name a few.  It can be tough to live in a right handed world.  I have recently discovered a store just for us great lefties!  Lefties San Francisco - . 
     This is a store after my own heart!  I love the thought that there is a store out there gear just towards the wonderful lefties of the world!!  Lefty's recently sent me a package of goodies to try out.  They sent me there Essential Tools for Lefty's under 10 Set   growing up a lefty and now teacher some lefties I was very impressed with this set.  The set included many great lefty goodies.  
Here are the features of this set as described on Lefty's site:

  • What makes these products left handed?
  • True left handed scissors have the blades reversed so that lefties can see what they are cutting, and grips designed for left handed use.
  • The 8.5" x 6.5" graph paper spiral notebook is bound on the right, opening to the left side, opposite of the right handed spiral notebook.
  • The fat pencils are easy for young lefties to grip, and great fun to use. The Lefty's pencil has the writing reversed so that it reads correctly when held in the left hand. The soft pencil grip is extremely comfortable to use and teaches little lefties how to hold the pencil in the tripod position.
  • The pencil sharpener rotates counter clockwise, so lefties can twist the pencils naturally.
  • The ruler reads from right to left, making it easier for young lefties to learn to measure.
  • Please see the individual product descriptions on our web site for more detailed information and photos.
My favorite item in the kit was the graph paper.  I hate the awful cramps my hands get by being stuck on those spiral notebooks!!  This totally takes away that problem as the spiral is on the other side.  I have gotten so used to using right handed scissors that it took me a moment to figure the left handed pair out, but what a great thing to have for the child who is left handed.  A quote on many of the items reads - I may be left handed but I am always right.  I love that.

This kit rates a ten in my book anything that will improve students love for learning and self esteem is a  great thing.
The great folks at Lefty's  have offered the readers of Thrifty Tori a 25% off discount on any gift set now and to the end of the month - the end of November.
Just enter the word - Thrifty in the coupon code area to receive your 25%.  What a great Christmas gift this would make for the lefty in your life!!
Disclaimer- Lefty's San Francisco sent me the essential tools for leftys under ten set for review purposes.  No monetary compensation was received.  All opinions in this review are mine and were not influenced by the sponsor in anyway.  


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