Saturday, November 13, 2010

Christmas Count Down Number 3

Christmas is inching closer and closer!!!
As we get closer I keep thinking of all the things that I want to do this year with Baby Bug as it will be her first Christmas.  I want her to experience the tree but hopefully not eat any of the ornaments :).  I want to bake cookies, and all kinds of fun little traditions.  What do you like to do on Christmas? 

Have you started working on the gift list?  Why not win a few gifts for this year?  
Check out the linky below for some ideas.  Do you have a giveaway going for a good Christmas item?  Go ahead and add it to the linky so other can find it!!

Check out my giveaway for a board book photo album what a neat gift for a new little one!!

Also check out lefty's what a great selection of gifts for the left handed person in your life!  Plus all Thrifty readers get a discount if ordered in the month of November.  

Check out this giveaway for some really neat building straws over at Smart and Trendy Moms Ends 11/30 What a great Christmas gift for the crafty child!!

Check this Recipe out - Cookies are always a great little Christmas gift for teachers, friends etc.  Click Here


  1. Hey there! Thanks for dropping by my blog and following. So, let's see...for Christmas - I love hanging with the family and playing fun games. I love gift exchanges and topping it all off with dinner and dessert. This time around I'll be sending out various gift cards to the fam that is far away. This way no one has to return anything for a smaller (or larger) size. :o)

    Paper-Crafts Chick

  2. Here from the bloghop.
    I'm a new follower. Please follow back


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