Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Back to School Tip - Lunch Boxes

Back to school sales are all here.  I know that for some it is a stressful process.  Little bit and I hit the shopping isles at Walmart yesterday.  She needs a lunch box for the year.  I started out in the back to school section.  We found some cute ones a frog shaped lunch box, one with hearts and flowers.  They were cute but I was not happy with the size they were small or the quality I thought there is not way these would make it through the year.  They were also expensive.  They ranged from 8-12 dollars.  I would not mind that price for something of quality.  So I started to think out of the box.  I headed over to the kitchen supply section and found more of the same little lunch bags.   Then it hit me!!  The cooler section in sporting goods.  There it was a large six can cooler with a separate section on top for dry foods.  This box is perfect for our needs the bottom section has plenty of room for sippy cups and cool food and the other foods will fit great in the top section.  The best news is this lunch box was only $6.  I am so happy I set away from the back to school stuff and got creative to find a better, cheaper lunch box!!!


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