Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Review- Purex UltraPacks

Several months ago I switched from the powder dish washing soap to the little single use tablets.  They are much smaller and easier to store and use.  I found it was worth it to pay the few extra cents to have the convenience of them.

I was recently sent a package of UltraPacks liquid laundry detergent from purex.  These little packs bring that same convenience to laundry soap.  I love these.  They make getting the laundry started a little easier.  You just throw the pack into the washer and start things like normal.  They even work with HE washers you put them in with the clothes rather then in the little dispenser at the top.  I was very pleased with these little packets.  I have used a whole package of 18 of these in the last month or so.  My clothes have come out clean and pleasantly fresh.  These are neat clean and perfectly portioned.  I am always spilling the detergent or putting to much into the dispenser, so these were a nice change to that.  

Purex will be releasing these in February.  I look forward to seeing what the pricing on these will be.  If they are a reasonable price they will surely be on my shopping list.  

Disclaimer:  I did receive a package of Purex UltraPacks for review purposes only, all the opinions in this post are mine and are not influenced by the company. 


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