Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Craigs List - Santa's Best Kept Secret

Many are doing Christmas on a budget this year.  
As I set out to put together a fabulous Christmas for Baby Bug on a budget there were three big presents on the list that I wanted to get her one of: a wagon, a Tricycle with an adult handle behind it, and a strider.  
My husband and I are very practical and as we set out of the search for these items we decided we were OK with used items as long as they were in like new condition.  So we started our search on Craigslist
Well we did not find one of the items over a two week period we found all three of these items in our area. 

The first one we found was the Strider.  Have you heard of these yet they are what they call a balance bike.  It is basicly a bike without the pedals.  The thought is children will learn to balance with them and be able to skip the training wheels.  The Strider sells for $109 dollars on amazon, we got ours for $5 it is in very good condition, with some very minor scratches on the seat being the only real wear.

Next we found the Tricycle.  We found the Radio Flyer Deluxe Steer and Stroll Trike Which normal sells at Amazon for $96.99.  We got it for $10.  It is in new condition.  I think the child who owned it before us must have out grown it fast or not been very interested in it.  I think it could pass as a floor model it has such little wear on it.  The above picture was taken before I cleaned it up with a little cleaner, now it is very sparkly clean.  

Our last fun find was the wagon.  I have not had a chance to take a picture yet.  I will add that in once I get around to taking the picture.  The wagon is the Radio Flyer 2700z Pathfinder wagon in red.  This normally sells on Amazon for $119.99, we got it for $30.  This again was in almost new condition.  This wagon has fold out seats with seat belts and cup holders for that very important sippy cup.  Since we found all three items we have decided to save the wagon for her birthday.  

So basically we got the big gifts for both her Birthday and Christmas for $45 using Craigslist.  None of them having more wear on them then she will put on them in her first week of having them.  So don't forget this great resource as your shop for great Christmas Presents for your kids.  


  1. That's awesome - a strider for $5?? Wow. I use a Kijiji but same deal. I love getting slightly used items for way less than new!

  2. Wow! You got some amazing deals! I can never seem to find good deals in my city :(

  3. Being thrifty can be green too. I buy things at second hand stores and donate tons to them too. Great idea and those bikes look immaculate!

  4. I love craigslist! I have gotten so much on there at great prices!!


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