Thursday, October 6, 2011

Decoupage Pumpkins

I had a lot of fun earlier this week creating Decoupage Pumpkins.
I first saw this project on Random Thoughts of a Super Mom

These were super easy to make and super cheap.  I used three decorative pumpkins from dollar tree, three pieced of fall scrap book paper from hobby lobby ( 1/2 off this week) and some decoupage glue.  Simply tear the paper into little pieces and glue it onto the pumpkin.  I used a sponge paint brush to glue the papers on.  The hardest part: my hands got gluey then it was hard to hold onto the pumpkin. This would be a great project to do with children.  Be prepared though it is a messy project!!


  1. What a great idea. I would love to do this with my 4 year old. Now if I could just find my glue.

  2. How Cute! Thanks for linking up on Holiday Traditions @ =D Tina

  3. Great idea. I love how the one pumpkin says pumpkin all over it LOL. You could even decoupage black tissue paper to make a new face on it.

  4. What a fun, easy project! We've painted pumpkins but never had thought of decoupage! They look fantastic; thank you for sharing this :)

  5. That is such a great idea! I have never heard of this before!! It is really easy to do...I may just try this out!


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