Saturday, June 11, 2011

Summer Reading

Ok Parents I have to ask! - Are your children reading this summer?  
I think daily reading is one of the best things to help students keep and build on their skills through the summer. 
Check into your local library's reading program many librarys have reading programs that include incentives for reading and logging as well as educational programs for the children.  
If the library is not an option for you I encourage you to create your own reading program.  There are many website that offer reading logs you can use. 
Make sure to offer children a prize for reading a certain number of books.  For older children who are reading chapter books you may want to make that prize based on reading a certain number of pages.  Many librarys do this to make the goals more attainable for older children.  
Oh and parents of young children don't forget to read to them!!  This builds language skills and well as increasing their vocabulary.  
Happy Reading!! 


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