Sunday, April 11, 2010


How do you save money? What are some ways you save?

For us we budget, we are learning that, that is a major money saver when you know how much money you are spending in each category and only spend the money you allotted.
We are using E-mealz to plan our meals this saves a ton on the grocery bills and I actually get out of the store with all the food I need to make at least five meals a week.
Also Dear husband and I are learning how to eat out without blowing the bank, just by making wiser choices.

I am trying to get started using coupons, I know there is money to be saved there.

And then there are my giveaways I am winning. This started as a fun hobby for me, but it hit me this week, I could be using some of these prizes as gifts and save money in the area of gifts!!

So please share with me your frugal tips I have alot to learn in this area but I want to be able to save money in all the little ways I can because I know the little things can really add up.


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