Wednesday, March 31, 2010


My husband and I have decided to get a more strict budget put together. One thing we spend alot of money on is the grocery budget. I am awful at following through and taking the time to make a good meal plan. So we are doing something about it we have signed up for e-mealz. This is a meal planning site that gives you a weeks worth of meal plans with the instructions and the grocery list already built out for you sectioned off by the isle in the store all the dairy together, all the produce together etc. You get to choose which meal plan to do there are store ones like Walmart, Aldi's, Krogers etc. And also diet ones there is even one for weight watchers points. My husband and I are doing the Aldi's menu for two. Last night we had Chicken with Cranberry pan sauce yum!! I am very excited not only for the money saved but for the variety of healthy meals we will now get to try. I have to admit I was getting very boring we were eating the same meals over and over and many of those meals were convenience unhealthy meals. These e-mealz come with meat and side dishes planned in and included in the grocery list it is nice to know that we have a variety of vegetable with our meals.

This site is recommended by Dave Ramsey as a good plan to help the budget and I think he is right the fee is 5 dollars a month and I know I saved way more then five dollars in this weeks grocery bill alone not to mention that I have a plan for five nights which means I won't resort to making a fast food run when I can't figure out what to eat.

They also have wonderful customer service. They keep two meal plans up at a time. The meals roll over for the Aldi's plans of Tuesdays well our printer was not hooked up so I wrote out the grocery list and went shopping yesterday with plans to print the list later. Well I let time get away from me and forgot to get the printer hooked up and the plans printed so here I sat this morning with all this food and no clue what to cook!! I e-mailed e-mealz and they kindly send me the plans so my food would not go to waste! I am very happy with this company and look forward to many wonderful home cooked meals in the near future!

Hurry go check them out and see what a great company they are for yourselves!! E-mealz


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